Bravur is a Swedish luxury watch brand. The name Bravur is an old Swedish word meaning doing something with perfection and great skill, which defines our ambitions quite well. We strive to create unique and extraordinary watches to be your everyday partner, and last a lifetime.

Oddly enough, the last two letters of Bravur forms the word ”ur” which is a Swedish word for watch. 

Every part of the watch is carefully designed in our Stockholm studio. The materials and parts used are carefully selected, and we try to use as much Swedish materials as possible. 

We are very proud to use steel produced in Sweden by Sandvik, one of the leading steel producers in the world, dating back to 1862. Our leather is sourced from Sweden and Italy.

True to our motto ’Swedish soul - Swiss heart’, we only use Swiss made movements. Creating watches that last requires the use of only the finest materials, and the best movements are produced in Switzerland.

Our mechanical watches are hand built on order in Sweden by our watchmakers based in Båstad, along the coast in the south of Sweden. The same watchmaker follows the watch during the entire process, during which the watch undergoes several inspections and tests, ensuring the watch meets our high demands.

Since every watch is built specifically for each customer, a certain degree of customization is possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any special demands.

It’s important for us to offer well built watches of the highest quality at an affordable price. That is why we mainly sell our watches direct to our customers, cutting out middle hands. 

From the start it has been important for us to offer affordable watches, but we never compromise on the quality. By selling directly to our customers we can cut out the middle hands, and offer a good value for money. Our watches will never be the lowest priced watch you can find, but we promise that it’s worth it in the long run.